New Update | Changes & Fixes

  • 17 July 2023

Hello, esteemed gamers. We are thrilled to announce the release of a new update that is set to enhance your gaming experience. This update comes with a plethora of gameplay changes and fixes, as well as a few exciting new features. Here's everything you need to know about this thrilling update.

Gameplay Changes

The game update introduces several changes aimed at improving the overall gaming experience.

  1. Vehicle Handling: Players will find that vehicle handling has been significantly improved across all car models. This change is designed to increase the realism of the driving experience, making each spin, crash, and flip feel more lifelike than ever before.
  2. AI Improvements: The AI has been tweaked for better performance in races and chases. They now handle corners better and have improved awareness of their surroundings. This means they will put up a much tougher challenge in races and be harder to shake off in police chases.
  3. Realistic Damage System: The damage system has been overhauled for more realistic collisions. Cars now take damage based on velocity, angle of impact, and the part of the car hit, making crashes more exciting and unpredictable.


Several bugs have been ironed out in this latest patch:

  1. Invisible Wall Glitch: The invisible wall glitch that players encountered on certain maps has been fixed.
  2. Sound Synchronization Issues: Issues with sound synchronization during high-speed crashes have also been resolved.
  3. Texture Related Bugs: Several texture related bugs affecting vehicle skins have been fixed.

New Features

This game update also ushers in some fantastic new features:

  1. New Vehicles: Five new vehicles have been introduced into the game, each with unique handling characteristics and damage profiles.
  2. Weather System: A dynamic weather system has now been integrated into the game environment which will bring real-time weather changes such as rainstorms or sunny intervals affecting both visuals and gameplay.
  3. Multiplayer Mode: Perhaps the most anticipated feature is the introduction of online multiplayer mode where players can compete against or cooperate with other players worldwide in various challenges.
  4. Scenario Editor: For those who love creating their own content, a scenario editor feature is now available allowing players to design their own race tracks or stunt arenas then share them with others.
  5. Utilizing VR Technology: For an immersive gaming experience we've integrated Virtual Reality support into this update allowing you to dive deeper into our detailed world.

In conclusion, this game update promises an array of enhancements that will offer an even more thrilling gaming experience for all users regardless if you're racing down straightaways or crashing headlong into barriers at high speeds – there's something for everyone! As always we thank you for your continual support and encourage feedback on these updates as we strive to make even better! Happy driving!

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