Update Released

  • 16 July 2023

BeamNG has released a new update for the popular driving simulation game, BeamNG.drive. This update comes with numerous gameplay changes, fixes, and new features designed to enhance player experience and improve overall performance. Below are detailed patch notes for the most recent BeamNG.drive game update.

Gameplay Changes:

  1. Improved Vehicle Physics: To enhance the realism of the game, vehicle physics have been optimized. This includes changes in tire grip, suspension response, and aerodynamics.
  2. Enhanced AI: The AI behaviour of both pedestrian and vehicular NPCs has been refined to offer a more realistic driving environment. They will now respond more accurately to player actions and road situations.
  3. New Damage System: The damage system has been revamped to be more dynamic and realistic. Collisions will now result in varying degrees of damage based on factors like speed, angle of impact, and vehicle type.
  4. Difficulty Levels Adjustment: Difficulty levels have been adjusted to provide a better balance between fun and challenge for players of all skill levels.


  1. Fixed Spawn Points: An issue where vehicles were spawning incorrectly or not spawning at all on certain maps has been addressed.
  2. Graphics Glitches: Several graphic glitches that caused flickering or disappearance of textures have been fixed.
  3. Sound Issues: Issues with missing or looping sound effects during collisions or while using certain vehicles have been resolved.
  4. Game Crashes: Certain causes leading to game crashes during gameplay or loading screens have been identified and fixed.

New Features:

  1. New Vehicles: A range of new vehicles has been added into the game including muscle cars, off-road vehicles, and heavy-duty trucks with unique specifications and handling characteristics.
  2. Expanded Maps: Existing maps have received expansions featuring new roads, landscapes, and points of interest to explore.
  3. Dynamic Weather System: A dynamic weather system has been implemented which affects visibility and road conditions thus adding an extra layer of challenge to driving sessions.
  4. Photo Mode Enhancement: The photo mode feature now includes new filters, adjustable camera angles, time-of-day settings for better screenshots or videos capturing your best moments in BeamNG.drive
  5. Multiplayer Mode Beta Testing: As a part of this update we are beta-testing multiplayer mode where you can join friends online for races or free roam exploration on selected maps

We hope these updates enrich your driving experience in BeamNG.drive! Please note that this is just a snapshot of changes brought by this update; there may be additional minor adjustments not mentioned here aimed at enhancing overall gameplay performance.

As always, we encourage feedback from our players about these updates as we continue our commitment towards improvement and development based on user experiences.

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